Democracy in Action is a grassroots movement of women working to bring about progressive change in South Dakota. We are committed to informing and energizing voters and to creating a climate where progressive candidates are elected.

Find South Dakota Democracy in Action on Facebook to follow our breaking news, action alerts, local social issues, and events.

 DIA meets every Tuesday morning at 9:00 am in the Library at the Journey Museum, 222 New York Street.  Click on Calendar for exceptions and changes of meeting place.

We Advocate

  • The empowerment of women
  • Economic Opportunity
  • Access to affordable health care
  • Strong public schools
  • Responsible environmental stewardship
  • Native justice and racial reconciliation
  • Protection of Civil Liberties
  • Advancement of the arts
  • Global cooperation
  • Civil public policy dialogue

We appreciate your interest and hope to see you soon! Come to a meeting where all women are welcomed. Democracy in Action will help shape the future of politics in South Dakota.


Why a Dragonfly?

In Native American culture, the dragonfly symbolizes swiftness, activity and purpose, and in another, it symbolizes the messenger, the bringer of new information. In still another, the dragonfly is a symbol of change and renewal, wisdom and enlightenment. In Asian cultures, the dragonfly symbolizes transformation and change.

Democracy in Action hopes to be all those things: swift in activity, steadfast in purpose, bringing a new message to catalyze change in western South Dakota.
Please join us!