Issues We Care About

Look here for contact links and local and Washington numbers for Sen. Thune, Sen. Rounds, Rep. Noem, Gov. Daugaard, state and local elected officials.

Responsible Environmental Stewardship

Water Issues

Stanford Study-Water in the West

Downstream consequences of depleting groundwater

" We need water security a great deal more than we need to export a highly problematic energy source out of country to help line speculators pockets." SDPJ member John Wrede

Keystone XL

BHills mining permits including PowerTech, Silica Sands near Deerfield

•Local Social Action

Promote the Black Hills 211HelpLine  Rapid City Starting Strong Initiative.

•Fostering a Local Progressive Climate

Access to affordable health care

Helping to Elect Progressive Candidates

We interview and sometimes endorse candidates, sponsor forums and encourage members to become active in campaigns. Contact facilitators if you are interested in being a part of the Politics Committee for the state and local elections.